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        Welcome to the Suzhou Amsedm Machine Co.ltd!
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        Talent Recruitment/job

        Contact Us

        Suzhou Amazon Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

        Tel:86-512-6610 1966

        Fax:86-512-6610 2966



        Add:Shiqiao Village, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Talent Recruitment

        Enlightenment from Recruitment

        Grinding Operator Operator/Apprentice
        WEDM Operator/Apprentice
        Electrical assemblies (female workers preferred) Master and apprentice
        Debugging and after-sale of piercing machine/WEDM Technician/Apprentice
        Mechanical assembly Technician/Apprentice 
        Network Operation and Sales  
        Sales and documentation (online and offline)  
        Taobao Customer Service/Sales Assistant  
        cost accounting  
        Warehouse Management Material clerk

        The above application requirements:

        The first to seventh junior high school diploma (working experience in related industries is preferred, and the fourth one with automobile driver's license is preferred); the eighth requirement: secondary school diploma or above (working experience in related industries is preferred), familiar with Taobao operation mode, skilled in using various chat tools, skilled in document form making, and experience in e-commerce and online sales is preferred; the ninth requirement Bachelor degree or above, the requirement of operating ERP accounting software is preferred. (The long day shift takes six breaks and provides working meals.)

        Specific wages and benefits are negotiable!

        Contact information:18015512252 Mr.Yang(Executive director

        Corporate name:Suzhou Amazon Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

        Company address:North of Shiqiaocun Bus Station, Fengbei Highway, Beiqiao Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
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