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        Welcome to the Suzhou Amsedm Machine Co.ltd!
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        Suzhou Amazon Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

        Tel:86-512-6610 1966

        Fax:86-512-6610 2966



        Add:Shiqiao Village, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

          Teach you how to maintain the electric spark piercing machine

          After each use, the water and workpiece residue on the working table of the piercing machine should be cleaned up.…

          Notes for CNC EDM Puncher in Machine Tool Installation Site

          Everyone wants to know what should be paid attention to when CNC EDP is installed in the machine tool place. Now let's share with you:…

          Polarity effect in punching process

          The polarity effect in the process of EDP machine tool processing is that the surface of positive and negative electrodes is bombarded by negative electrons and positive ……

          Cautions for Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Spark Puncher

          Usually we use a lot of metals, there may be a variety of small holes…
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